The ‘New’ Reality

jesus is the reality
in a world filled with blinded eyes of vanity
more real than mortal tongue can tell
His word is truth;he'll never fail

he is love in a world of hate
on calvary it was revealed
he is the key to heaven's gate
in him eternity is fulfilled

eat of his flesh, drink of his blood
of his sacrifice you must partake
that from selfishness and sin you may awake
of his sufferings you must share
so his righteousness you may wear

Jesus is the reality
all else is vanity
more real than mortal tongue can tell
his word is truth, he'll never fail

he's the king of kings
the god of heaven
the ruler of the universe
the creator and the savior
of the soul of man

he stands with outstretched hands
softly calling will you come to me
for i will set you free
from death and the destroyer
and you will see i am your reality!